Who is the Smoker? The "Younger" or the "Older" Twin?

April 1, 2014

If you need a more compelling reason to quit smoking than your own health, environment and finance, here it is:  smokers look 20 years older than a non-smoker. The smoking damages can cause permanent damages on your skin, such as wrinkles, sagging and discoloration.


Researches around the world has given enough evidence of bad effects on the smokers's skin due to the impact of tobacco's toxic chemicals. Those chemicals affects the skin structures such as collagen and the fibres that give skin its stretch called elastin. They reduce the blood flow, the curiculatng oxygen and the water content, making the skin drier and more fragile.


A smoker's face shows extensive wrinkling, and it is innevitably to avoid the crown's feet eye and "barcode" lips. Tobacco not only affects your look, but how you see; tobacco increases the risks of eye diseases such as cataract.


Furthermore, the risks of skin diseases such as psoriasis and skin cancers such as squamous and basal carcinoma are directed increased by the consume of cigarettes. Also reaserches show smokers face great losses, not just on their pocket but hair and teeth losses.


Definately tobacco wrecks your look. The sooner you quit the better chance of recovering your youth you have. 


I can help you with some valuable skins tips while you are quitting smoking. Let's chat! 


If you want to know how to quit smoking with ease, click here.





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