How to Keep up with New Year's Resolution?

January 1, 2016


Here we go again; it is that time of the year that we take a close to our life. We let the dreams come to our mind again and invest sometime to redefine our lifestyle.  It is time to give a chance at a new beginning.


You have done what you could in 2015. Perhaps stress, lost of control, lack of motivation or lack of energy have crept in and lead you to failures. Learn the lesson and don’t think about them anymore. 2016 is a new year. You shall begin it in peace with yourself.  Let the dreams come to you and renew your mind with hope and faith that this year your resolution will turn into reality.


You will find below some tips at starting your new year off on an unstoppable foot:


1. Quit Smoking


This is the number ONE resolution because you will save your life, improve your health right away, save loads of money, benefit nature and people around you.  Learn how to quit with easy and stay non-smoker for lifetime. Call Quit for Lifetime on 0421 890 439.


2. Get Physically Active


Choose some form of exercising you really enjoy. Make choices that will keep you motivate.  Exercising on your own or in a group? Inside in a gym or outside at a local park or beach? Moderate or vigorous? Learn how exercising will help you to stay a Non-smoker.


3. Eating Healthier/Loose weight


Organise a menu for your week in advance rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and lean meat. Allow one day of the week for sweets and naughty food. Reduce alcohol intake to 1 or 2 days in a week.


4. More Family & Friends Time


Invest more time to cultivate precious relationships. By being a Non-Smoker you add 14 years to your life which you can increase your time with the loved ones.


5. Control of your Life


Investing time on yourself to distress, improve your mood and increase your energy levels by quitting smoking, exercising, not taking life so serious, creating time for fun and laugh and being kind to yourself. You deserve it! Learn how hypnosis can help you to be in control of your life.


We offer up some tips at sticking to your New Years Resolution:


* Make realistic goals: Pick major resolution like Quit Smoking and set your goals. You will boost your self-confidence and self esteem for every goal achieved and you will feel motivate to achieve your next goal.


* Plan your steps: Feel overwhelmed? Break your goals into small steps. One step at the time will take you where you want to be. Bare in mind it is possible to quit smoking after one session only. Learn how to quit smoking in one session.


* Keep Track: Keep an eye on the results you are getting. Check if your steps are taking you closer to your goals or further away. Make necessary adjustments.


* Reward yourself: Give yourself a cool reward for every goal achieved and celebrate. Don’t forget you will plenty of extra cash by becoming a non-smoker. You will be able to afford an expensive reward such as a new car overseas trip. Learn how much money you can save by quitting smoking.


Wish you a healthier and happier New You in 2016.

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