10 Ways to Feel Fab when Quit Smoking

February 1, 2016


Ever catch yourself feeling that cigarettes are controlling you?


I felt the same when I was a smoker. I have tried to quit smoking a few times, but the negative emotions took over, I lost control and relapsed. I have to admit that sometimes it’s really difficult to reverse the negativity.


So what is it that we cannot control? Is it the need for cigarettes, really? Or is it the feelings in yourself while you are trying to quit smoking?


In fact any negative feelings will impact on the possibility of achieving your goal. If you could feel great while you are trying to quit smoking, the chances to succeed of becoming a Non-Smoker would be much higher. 


Fortunately we have the ability to stop the negativity by inundate our minds with positive thoughts.  Every time you reinforce the positive thoughts, the pleasant feelings increase, and the goal of quitting smoking gets easier to be achieved.


So to sum up, the more you focus on having positive feelings over and over again, the less chance any negativity occupies your mind and the less negative feelings you have. And that’s pretty amazing, as these nice feelings empower you to become and stay a Non-Smoker easier.


Let's keep your mind on the positive side. Check out the ways you feel fab and experience a more pleasant journey when you quit smoking.

  1. Feel Healthier: You can enjoy feeling healthier because you are releasing all toxins and poisons from your body with every passing day by being a Non-Smoker.

  2. Feel More Energy: You notice you have more and more energy as you experience a healthier life.

  3. Feel Younger: By quitting smoking you avoid the possibility of getting older faster. In fact you notice that your circulation improves so does your skin. You look and feel younger.

  4. Feel Guilty FREE: You feel free from guilty of hiding your old bad habit from others you care.

  5. Feel Fresh: You are smelling great now and you are no longer smelling like the disgusting smell of cigarettes. You are free to worry of having to hide the smell. You can enjoy the smell of your favorite perfume and feel fresh.

  6. Feel Social Accepted: No more dirty looks to you. You are able to socialize and you will no longer look for outside place away from everyone in a cold or rain weather, not anymore.

  7. Feel Back in Control of Your Life: You are no longer a slave to cigarettes. You are in control of your choices. You make better and healthier choices to be and stay a Non-Smoker.

  8. Feel More Productive: After so many cigarettes breaks you find lots of spare time now. You can be more productive and you no longer waste your time.

  9. Feel Breathing Easier: Breathing becomes easier as the poisons of cigarettes are no entering your lungs anymore.

  10. Feel Successful: You feel the success of the incredible achievement of quitting smoking. You can pat yourself on the back with proud. Keep this mantra in your mind: “I quit smoking successfully. I am a successful permanent Non-Smoker.”

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