Sorry, NO Cosmetic Surgery for smoker!

October 22, 2015

Many plastic surgeons would not do certain surgeries on smokers. They believe smokers would be at high risk of having wound-healing problems. 




Dr. Carlos Wolf , partner at Miami Plastic Surgery, has cancelled a surgery due to the smell of cigarette smoke on the patient. He would not procede with the surgery if he believe the patient has not quit smoking two to four weeks before date of surgery.


Says Dr. Nick Carr, head of the plastic surgery division at the University of British Columbia: “Any procedure in which a surgeon has to raise a flap of skin and stretch it—facelifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks—is risky because the blood supply may be compromised.” The results can include wounds that won’t heal, skin flaps that die, extensive scarring and the need for skin grafts.


Furthermore, smoking can compromise your ability to breathe well and may cause lung problems after surgery. If you are willing to have a plastic surgery, quitting smoking must be included on these decision as a commitment of your wellness and understanding that the requirement is in your best interests.


If you want to know how to quit smoking with ease, click here.



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