What Make you Relapse?

Certain every smoker has experienced withdrawal symptons while trying to quit smoking. Smokers' body ask for the daily dose of nicotine. Also smoking is congruent to activities which caused to be a trigger that leads you to smoking a cigarette. Often smokers rationalise and create the excuses to smoke.

These rationalizations lead you to light up a cigarette, jeopardizing your efforts of quitting. Remember these rationalizations are only excuses to keep you smoking. Avoid the excuses by understanding the way you feel. Smoking is something smokers usually do without thinking, just in an auto mode. It is easy to create excuses around why they cannot stop smoking.
Here are the excuses, not reasons, that you are still a smoker now:

"Smoking helps me to relax."
"I am under lots of stress."
"My anxiety will increase."
"My partner is a smoker."
"I smoke when I feel bored."
"I don't want to put weight on."
"Smoking is like a friend/crutch for me."

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